Solvere Living Creates Senior Director Growth Path Position

Solvere Living creates senior director growth path positions for community team members. Maria Omana, one of the first to receive the promotion.

St. Petersburg, Florida – December 9, 2020 Solvere Living is creating a senior director growth path position for every discipline in its communities. The company wants to foster a workplace where team members are given the opportunities to grow professionally, expand their work experience and provide equitable work opportunities.

“When team members are valued, their sense of self-worth and self-esteem increases, which are key drivers in our long-term success,” said Kristin Kutac Ward, CEO, Solvere Living. “A senior director embodies our core values and demonstrates creativity and expertise in their role.”The Atrium Boca Raton's Maria Omana to receive growth path position.

Maria Omana, the Salus assisted living resident engagement coach at The Atrium at Boca Raton, Florida is one of the first team members to be promoted. She received the promotion because of her leadership, which includes supporting new directors, incorporating residents’ interests and creativity in their programming and supporting all Valeo Directors and Salus Coaches. She embodies the Soul of Solvere.

Maria grew up in Italy and Columbia. She went to a Catholic OPUS DEI all-girls’ school, is fluent in three languages and received her degrees in psychology and social work from Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University. Her first interest was children support services and then a friend suggested a career in senior living where her creativity and “fruit loop personality” was needed. She’s never looked back.

The best part of her job is when she comes in the morning and then leaves at night, residents tell her how much they appreciate her. Her goal is to transfer her positive energy to residents, open their youthful side and just have fun. Before the pandemic, the resident calendar included an Annual Turkey Trot, skydiving, wine tasting, Zumba class, fishing club, swimming with the dolphins, riding with a Harley Davidson club and many more.

The Atrium residents are from all over the world so her background and fluency in Spanish and Italian have helped her relate to them and their families because she understands their cultures and traditions. She also helps families unburden themselves with the guilt they feel and helps them understand their parents will have a chance to continue living with joy and get the assistance they need. For Maria, Solvere means “where achievability of possibilities dances.”

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