Achieve your wellness goals.

Our individualized programs at The Atrium at Boca Raton were designed with an objective of focusing on your physical, social, intellectual and spiritual health.

SALUS (SAL-us), noun. Latin for “well-being.”

Boca Raton FL senior facility wellness - Salus

Salus™ by Solvere is our wellness philosophy that supports you in meeting your goals. Our caring team encourages you to stay active and stimulate your mind. We have a variety of Salus programs at The Atrium at Boca Raton to keep you engaged.


We target all of the Four Components of Wellness in our Salus philosophy because each is crucial to a meaningful living. Boca Raton FL Assisted Living Facility Programming

  1. Physical: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by monitoring your nutrition and staying active to limit disease.
  2. Social: Strengthening relationships with friends and family and creating new friendships within the community.
  3. Intellectual: Strengthening your mind through creative, challenging learning initiatives and programs.
  4. Spiritual: Participating in faith-based activities and volunteer opportunities to continue the lifelong pursuit of purpose.

Maintain a mentally stimulating and physically active lifestyle with an assisted living community who motivates you. Salus prepares you for success in wellness.

ValeoTM by Solvere

Memory care programming at our Skilled Nursing Home in Florida

Our approach to wellness includes Valeo™ by Solvere, a part of our Salus by Solver pillar committed to those with memory impairments. Valeo, Latin for “to thrive”, integrates Solvere Signature Programs to promote wellness in our memory care community.

Learn more about Valeo, our signature wellness philosophy for memory care.