“Everything about The Atrium has been a completely positive experience. Everyone who is running the show, and all the staff, are doing a great job. Dad is really happy. And when he’s happy, I’m happy.”
Stuart Hoffman, Son of Gilbert Hoffman, The Atrium at Boca Raton resident


Gilbert Hoffman lived his working life in Missouri, but fell in love with Florida when he honeymooned there is 1950. After that he always wanted to live there. He eventually made that dream come true, even though his wife could no longer be with him to enjoy all the Sunshine State had to offer. When Gilbert first moved to Florida, he lived in a condominium four miles from The Atrium. He knew and liked the neighborhood, so the location of the community was one element of a perfect fit. “Dad knows the bus route, and rode the bus to get places before the COVID-19 lockdown. I’m sure he’ll do so again, whenever things get back to normal.”

Stuart said that the family couldn’t believe it when his 92-year-old dad made the decision to move into an assisted living community. “He was just ready to take the next step in his life. And as soon as he moved in back in December, he seemed to relax. It’s a carefree living style for him. Now he doesn’t have to worry about taking his pills on time, and he likes that someone comes and checks on him.”

He added that his dad — always a happy camper — is still happy even though some things about his lifestyle have changed. One of the things that hasn’t changed is Gilbert’s love for gardening. “Dad always had a garden, and he still has one where he is now. Tomatoes, watermelon, herbs, you name it and he’s probably growing it,” said Stuart. “He’s also a very social creature and before the lockdown he started a fishing club. He and some fellow residents who like to fish would get the bus to take them down to one of the piers that’s just a few miles away.” He added that in addition to fishing, his dad played cards, took in the movies and even did some dancing. “The first few months after he moved in, there was a musician who played every day in the lobby and dad told me he would show up and dance every day with whoever was the youngest woman in the room!”

Along with the social activities, temporarily on COVID-19 hold, Gilbert likes the people. “He’s never had anything bad to say except that they feed him too much!” Stuart said. “I think that’s partly because, according to him, it’s been incredible how food service has stepped up to make meals that are still great even when they’re not served in the dining room.”