“Mom tells me that everybody at The Atrium is very nice, very kind and very professional. I know she’s happy because I haven’t heard one complaint!”
Christine Alexander, Daughter of Lillian Smart, The Atrium at Boca Raton resident


Lillian Smart had lived in her Boca Raton home for more than 30 years when an accident changed her life forever. A fractured pelvis left the 79-year-old with limited mobility and less independence. “After her accident, we realized her home just couldn’t provide the same safety and care Mom would get at a senior living community,” said Christine. “I started doing a lot of research on those in the area because we wanted Mom to be able to continue living in Boca Raton so she could still have her family close by.”

Christine said the family chose The Atrium based on everything it had to offer, including transparency and communication. “All the other places I checked out were very sales-pitch oriented, and the prices varied so much, I could tell we would never know what we were going to get and how much we would be paying for it,” Christine said. “The Atrium was transparent about everything. And unlike the other communities,” she added, “they weren’t constantly chasing me down to get a decision. With The Atrium, there was no pressure. Angela, the Marketing Director, was extremely helpful. She took me on a virtual walk-through, answered all my questions and really connected with me on a personal level. That made all the difference.” Christine said that other things stood out to her too. “The building is a nice structure, one that would be very safe in a hurricane, and it has plenty of space for everyone, residents and staff, to be comfortable.”

Christine’s experience moving her mom into The Atrium in 2020 was that of a true partnership. “I did my part and the community did their part. Communication was upfront, fast and constant. That made everything easy,” she said, “including setting up Mom’s apartment.” In addition to moving into her apartment, July was eventful for Lillian because she had a birthday. “The staff had a birthday party for her, complete with decorations and a cake. Mom’s a big birthday cake person, so she loved it,” she said. “And I loved that I got to virtually participate in the celebration and see her so happy.”

Lillian also loves the food and talks about it all the time. “She’s thin and to stay healthy she needs to eat nutritiously. She feels she is able to do that and still eat things she likes. It’s part of what makes her feel taken care of.” Christine added that, with help from The Atrium staff, her mom is also able to easily stay in touch with her family thanks to FaceTime, window visits and phone calls.